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Combine Fun And Fitness With Our Kids Martial Arts Classes

At Field Martial Arts Academy, our Kids Martial Arts classes are all about bringing the energy. We want your child to love every minute of every class and that's why we work hard to keep all of our students active, engaged, and excited. 

And with that energy, our Kids Martial Arts students learn everything from vital life skills to necessary social skills to important self-defense skills. We're proud to offer the kids of Norwood a place to grow and learn and have fun!

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Our Kids Martial Arts Classes In Norwood Are Perfect For All Ages

So what if your child has never been to a Kids Martial Arts Class? No problem! Our trained instructors work with students on an individual basis to ensure that students are learning the proper mechanics and staying safe throughout the process. 

Whether your child is an expert or a beginner, they'll be sure to enjoy: 

  • Constant support and feedback from our coaches
  • Exciting instruction that keeps them challenged and motivated
  • Friendly classmates to share the journey with 

So What Can Your Child Expect To Learn With Our Kids Martial Arts?

At Field Martial Arts Academy, we offer an easy-to-follow belt progression system that helps students set goals and work towards them. The belt progression lets even our most inexperienced students start with the very basics and build their skills in the safe and sustainable system.

And with each promotion, your child will enjoy a sense of accomplishment like never before, helping them build unwavering self-confidence.

Our Kids Martial Arts training includes:

  • Basic striking and blocking techniques
  • Drills promoting focus and attention to detail 
  • Memorization exercises
  • Communication strategies
  • And anti-bullying measures

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