Field Martial Arts Academy is closed for our summer break from July 1-8. All classes will resume as normal Monday, July 10th. We will return all emails, calls and web inquiries upon return. Thank you!

Field Martial Arts Academy Reviews

I have to say, I love FMAA. I started by taking the kickboxing classes, and I was instantly hooked. I knew that if these instructors motivated me this much, that they would really help my daughter. I'm a single parent to the most wonderful 9yr old girl, a 9yr old girl who does not have any interaction with her dad. Master Field and Master Lewis are an extremely positive male influence for my Anastasia . ... something she has in my dad, but it's so wonderful to see it outside of family. I can not express the gratitude I have for these 2 instructors, and the entire FMAA staff and family. She is more focused, goal oriented, positive, and overall happy. I would, and do, recommend everyone I know to this gym.

Gina Stephanie

We held a birthday party here for my son, and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone! The staff was very engaging with the kids and kept them entertained up until the final minute. Even more amazing, I didn't have to worry about anything but getting the cake and where to put the candles. Also, after chatting with the owner, a friend and I decided to signup for kickboxing (to try it out). I am totally hooked and the staff here is truly amazing and interested in hearing about your goals and interested in helping you achieve them. I can't say enough good things about this place! You will not be disappointed.

H Scott

Field Martial Arts Academy's Fitness kickboxing class is off the charts. It's an incredible workout like no other. The instructors Are professional they have amazing talent and teach you the proper technique you will burn so many calories in this class you'll be sure to notice results quickly. I highly recommend Field martial arts for your fitness goals. It's designed for any level beginner or veteran. Go check it out. You will love it. I love it 😊πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼

Susan Collins

We did first orientation with trainer. It was amazing how easily she kept his focus and how exited he was to listen and learn. We look forward to awesome things with his final orientation and white belt classes.

Doug Woolley

Field Martial Arts Academy is AMAZING. My son has been going there for karate for over an year. The instructors are just amazing at keeping discipline, yet teaching the kids in such a humorous and interesting way. Every move and every practice is done with fun, humor but yet each class is controlled and it's not an easy task to control a bunch of kids from ages 4-7 let me tell you! Derek, Brian and Danielle are the best team!

Aparna Ajay

This is an amazing place. The instructors are great...challenging, supportive, positive and very competent. Each class is different and it does not matter if you are a committed fitness enthusiast or someone who is trying to take your first steps toward fitness. People respect you if you show up and try your best. It is a fun, supportive community of people who work really hard together. If you are open to putting in the time and making the effort, there is a place for you.

Mike Fitzgerald

Always a fabulous experience at field martial arts. Energetic, motivating instructors that are kind and patient to every client. I have taken kick boxing classes there for the past year and a half and find the workouts are always fresh and fun. I've become stronger and with each week I feel more and more accomplished. Thank you Field Martial Arts!

Nicole Lew

My daughter has been going here for about a month now and she loves it! The instructors are awesome and work really well with the kids.

Caitlin Konieczko

Great classes for kids. My 5 year old loved every minute of it. Derek is a great instructor and I just can't see enough good things. Amazing!

John Jones

Whether you are looking for a better way to reach your fitness goals, or a place for your child to learn life long skills, discipline and respect, or maybe you want the challenge of learning self defense while getting a great workout. This is the place! :) I've taken hundreds of classes and have never been bored! My kids love the martial arts program and we are so impressed with the instructors! You can't go wrong with FMAA!

Celina Traut

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